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Discover a few teams:

Sunny Steps | Novice (FIN)

Sunny Steps is a novice team from Vantaa, a city bordered by Helsinki, the Finnish capital, to the south. These skaters are between 9 and 13 years old.

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Cassiopée Next Generation | Intermediate (CAN)

Cassiopée is a big synchro family. These teams are located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

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Synchronicity | Open (CAN)

A team representing The London Skating Club, London, ON.

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ICE’Kateers | Novice A (USA)

The ICE’Kateers Synchronized Skating Teams has a team for every age and level of skater. Formed in 1999, The ICE’Kateers is based in Anaheim.

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Valley Bay Synchro | Junior (FIN)

Valley Bay Synchro is a synchro team from Espoo, the 2nd largest city in Finland.

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Zoulous | Senior (FRA)

To visit the Zoulous, you should go to Lyon, a wonderful city in east-central France, between Paris and Marseille.

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Team Surprise | Senior (SWE)

The National Team of Sweden in Synchronized Skating. Team Surprise has been skating since 1985.

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Adelaide Ice Magic | Novice A (AUS)

The Adelaide Ice Magic's name is used for three competing teams : Senior, Novice and Mixed Age.

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