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All you need to know about stretching

Coaches always tell skaters to stretch, but what does science say about the role of stretching in improving the performance and preventing injuries? Martina Ricci, doctor, synchro skater for 18 years, and editor for Jura Synchro reviewed the scientific literature.

How to build self-confidence? A skater from Team Unique answers

Synchronized skaters from all over the world are connected by passion, encouragement, and a mutual love for synchronized skating. Unfortunately, there’s another feeling passing through all skaters' minds: we’re talking about stress. Nenna Salminen, a current skater from Team Unique (FIN), shares her view on self-confidence in synchronized skating.

The use of music as a mental preparation tool

Listening to music before a competition, many synchro skaters have already experienced it. Music has multiple effects: concentration, motivation, or even focusing on one task. Several researchers are also interested in music to improve the performance of athletes. What about you?

The bumpy road to inline skating

The closure of all the ice rinks, although expected, still came as a shock. And an emotional one at that. A general anxiety took its place; about people I care about having their entire income cut, about people who have trained their whole lives to compete, who suddenly find themselves in limbo, about those whose lives revolve around the rink, those who use the ice as an escape and those who have found a passion in this icy world of ours. It’s a bit like losing a part of yourself. The obvious solution? Inline skates!

5 OFF-ICE TIPS for synchro skaters

A few days ago, we asked you on the Jura Synchro Instagram account what you would like to know or improve in your off-ice training. Michelle Hong, skater and physical coach, gives you her tips in a new video.

The 5 Best YouTube Channels to Practice Yoga at Home

There’s never been a better time to start yoga. So take a deep breath and improve your flexibility, it will help you to stay fit and improve your moves on the ice. Here are 5 YouTube channels that offer great yoga opportunities.

"My lungs got so congested I thought I was going to drown"

Junior Worlds 2020 in Nottingham… "It already feels like a lifetime ago"… Our British correspondent Taryn Davison is going to remember this competition for a very different reason!

The Benefits of Foam Roller for Synchronized Skating

Foam rollers, which come in a variety of densities and sizes, have become very popular in the world of synchronized skating. Does this new technique to treat soft tissues really have an effect on skaters' muscles? When should it be used? Are there risks?

Push your limits with Tiina Pesonen

Body control and coordination are necessary for synchro skaters to safely execute elements on the ice. The fitness coach Tiina Pesonen encourages you to master the basics, which are the foundation for learning harder skills and develop a better posture.

Flexibility: Perfect your technique!

The famous physical coach Tiina Pesonen (FIN) teaches her training techniques so you can improve your flexibility at home or at the gym, alone or with your teammates.

Acrobatics and lifts tools to take you to the next level!

Get ready for the new synchro skating season with Jura Synchro. Discover how the famous Finnish coach Tiina Pesonen trains synchro skaters off-ice during the summer and learn to practice like the best synchro teams.

"Fitness Center with Tiina Pesonen": Try the second workout!

This summer, Jura Synchro thinks about your health and physical condition. Discover in this episode a challenging full-body workout specially designed by the Finnish fitness expert Tiina Pesonen for synchronized skaters.