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Yurika Ando: "Skating abroad has changed my life"

Yurika Ando is 22 years old and grew up in Shiga, Japan. A year and a half ago, she left her family to live her dream in Germany. Back on her career and her experience with her new team, Team Berlin 1.

The season resumes on Saturday with 36 participating teams

Finland's first synchronized skating qualifiers will be held next weekend (November 7-8) in Tampere. If the competition could still be cancelled, the organizer, the Tappara Figure Skating club, has done everything it can to make the competition a success. Jutta Rouru, the leader of the competition describes the arrangements and talks about the challenges.

Marie-Amélie, French skater from Nexxice, blocked in France

Seven months after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, returning to normal life remains difficult for some of us. Zoom on Marie-Amélie Mansard-Juignet, a French athlete who moved to Canada to skate with Nexxice Sénior but who finds herself blocked in Europe since the borders were closed.

"Doing something lyrical and beautiful just felt like the right choice"

The season is about to start in Finland with the first competition expected in less than a month. The Team Unique took this opportunity to reveal its themes for the upcoming season.

All about the first virtual synchro skating competition

With over 150 teams participating each year, Porter Classic is the largest invitational competition in the United States. With the uncertainties this season because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Organizing Committee decided to host a virtual event. How will the competition go? We asked Karen Wolanchuk, the Chief Referee.

Senior teams in Finland are staying focused on their training

If we look at the Finnish teams, it seems that everything has been back to normal. No masks in training, no social distancing... but the four Senior ISU teams remain cautious and take nothing for granted, especially for international events. Let's take stock of their preparation!

"This team is literally every coach’s dream"

There is so much talent in Canada in Adult, says Maggie Head, the head coach of Team Storm. This Adult team from Toronto, Ontario, was initially formed to compete at the Winter World Masters Games in 2020 in Austria, and the skaters came together in a really unique way.

Marigold IceUnity in full speed towards the upcoming season despite the pandemic

The famous Finnish senior team Marigold IceUnity is actively preparing for the upcoming season, even though the coronavirus is still leaving a lot of uncertainty. Head coach Anu Oksanen explained to the Finnish Skating Association how her team is doing.

Dr. Porter: "Competing this year will be much different"

The United States is one of the hardest hit countries of Covid-19. After months, teams are just starting to get back on the ice. While skaters are busy at work creating new programs and preparing for the season, everyone is wondering: what will the competition season look like? We asked Lawrence Ward and Mary Reilly competition co-chairs of the Dr. Richard Porter Competition (December 4-6, 2020) about potential changes we may see this year.

VIDEO: Is your costume one of the favorites?

You miss winter, and we completely understand! During the season, Jura Synchro asked several international senior teams what their favorite costume was. Relive the best winter moments by discovering their response in a video!

Away from the ice rinks, this coach realized his dream

During the Covid-19 outbreak, many coaches and skaters had to deal with the fact that they wouldn’t be on the ice for a very long time. Olivier Chapuis, head coach from the synchronized skating teams in Compiegne, France, hasn’t stepped on the ice for over 10 months! Why? In September 2019, he started a trip around the world with his wife and son. He had to come back home early because of the coronavirus.

Philippe Maitrot (ISU): "A very uncertain season is coming but..."

After the announcement of the Challenger Series cancellation, Philippe Maitrot, Chair of the ISU Synchronized Skating Technical Committee, answered our questions and expressed his views on the upcoming season.