Sponsor funds New Elite Senior Team

This may be the start of a new era in synchronized skating.

On Monday February 13, news broke that an additional elite-level synchronized skating team would be formed in Great Britain. There are hundreds of synchronized skating teams from 27 different countries in the world, but unlike the majority of synchro teams, this one promises to be funded with a considerable sponsorship, aiming to attract the most talented and committed skaters, regardless of their financial means.

Trophy D’Ecosse 2017

On February 10-12, Scotland hosted the 7th annual Trophy D’Ecosse (TDE) at the Dumfries Ice Bowl. The joined ISU event and inter-club competition attracted athletes from 50 teams.

«A unique atmosphere filled with good performances»

The 2017 French Cup took place the first weekend in February at the L’île Lacroix arena in Rouen, France. The French Cup is known for two main reasons: it offers fierce competition from some of the world’s top teams… and it’s a major party! A wonderful way for teams from all around the world and crowds of fans to spend a weekend dancing, spectating, and competing at the Advanced Novice, Junior, and Senior levels.