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    Céline Joray

    I started synchronized skating at the age of 6 and I have never been able to stop since this moment. I had the chance to skate with Team Dancers of Switzerland during one season but my studies to get my Bachelor's degree in tourism now takes me too much time to skate at high level. However I continue to practise this wonderful sport once a week with the Team Ice Phoenix in Delémont, Switzerland. Moreover, I like to travel a lot, whether it be to see competitions or simply to discover new cultures.

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    Synchronized skating brings a lot: friendships, discipline, endurance, strength, team spirit. It is a real school of life! —  Céline Joray

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    Rebecca and Nadine, those Swiss skaters abroad

    They have skated for many years in Switzerland but will represent another nation on the ice at the World Championships in Stockholm this weekend. Zoom in on Rebecca who skates since this season with the Zoulous (FRA) and Nadine who will skate her 2nd Worlds with the Canadian Nexxice team!



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