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    Remo DE TOMI
    Co-director and producer

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    "Over the years, I have been working with synchronized skating teams, organizing, communicating and promoting this sport. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Computer sciences and working as a reporter in the media for several years, I specialized now in the world of video. Surrounded by several people, we found that it was important that synchronized skating has its own media and develops its community."

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "Synchronized skating harmoniously blends art and physical performance. This sport deserves to be recognized at a much higher level. That's why we put all our energy to develop Jura Synchro."

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The Jura Synchro team is proud to present version 3 of its website. Beautiful novelties are to discover, have fun!

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Hello, do you have 2 minutes?

While the synchronized skating season is in full swing, it is already time for the Jura Synchro team to think about the summer. Renovations, cleanings, improvements... they are many projects for and you can even participate and give ideas!

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[EDITO] "Synchronized skating... it's just the beginning"

Synchronized skating is developing more and more around the world. This fact noticed by many people and also by the Jura Synchro newsroom. This is the opportunity for Remo De Tomi, one of the founders of the media, to evaluate the situation.