• Correspondent | Italy

    Gianvecchio Serena

    Hello, I'm Serena and I am synchro skater in Shining Blades team. I bumped into synchronized skating the first time when i was 11 years old and I saw my cousin skating in a final gala with her team. I was literally enchanted by this sport. I convinced my parents to let me try to skate and I joined my first synchronized skating team Sunrice. Now I've grown up and my passion has grown with me. I'm studying law in the University of Milan and in the future I would like to work in legal field related to Sport, especially to help synchronized skating to be more recognised.

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    Synchro skating gave me the opportunity to show the power and the courage inside me and to meet the most lovely friends of my life. —  Gianvecchio Serena

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