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    Anna Rzhevkina

    I am originally from Russia, as a student I started travelling around the world and recently settled down in Poland. My passion for synchro skating began with a trip to Rouen (France) where I saw synchro skating competition for the first time. I dreamed to be a journalist since I was a teenager, and currently I work in the leading news agency Reuters. In my free time I like doing all kind of sports, especially swimming and dancing. 

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    Synchro skating is a sport and art, where team work and trust matter. —  Anna Rzhevkina

News by Anna Rzhevkina

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    Synchro goes international in Poland with Hevelius Cup

    A first edition Hevelius Cup, International Synchronized Skating Competition in Gdansk, Poland took place in Hala Olivia on Sunday, February, 5. During the event, organized by Polish Figure Skating Association, the teams from Poland, Netherlands and Russia showed performances in Beginners, Juvenile, Basic Novice, Junior, Mixed Age and Adult categories.



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