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    Astrid Čada

    Hello, my name is Astrid I am 24 years old and in synchro skating since forever - lets say around 15 years (which sounds forever to me). Around the age of 7 my father took me on Croatian version of ”Disney on ice” and since then skating is huge part of my life. Someone would say it gets boring through all this years but the truth is the things you love that much could never get boring.  I am student on Faculty of political science in Zagreb (capital city of Croatia) specialising in journalism. In my free time I love to read books (more book person then movie one) and also travel/pasta/dog lover.  On the side with that I am just like every other girl who has full closet of shoes and always find reason to buy new one, because life without shoes is boring. 

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    What synchro skating means to me? It is my first and last love.  —  Astrid Čada

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