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    Alana Burke

    Hi everybody! I have been skating synchro for 9 years now (my first 3 years were spent with Burlington Ice Image, and then the organization merged with NEXXICE, where I have been ever since). I am currently a full time student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario- studying in Canada's most prestigious media production program!

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    To me, synchro is about much more than winning medals and skating great. It is about teamwork, having fun and doing it because YOU want to. —  Alana Burke

News by Alana Burke

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    #Winterfest2018: DAY 3

    Last weekend, it was Winterfest, one of the largest synchronized skating competitions in Canada. Teams from juvenile to adult competed during 3 days. Wrap-up of the third day of competition in Mississauga, Ontario.

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    #Winterfest2018: DAY 2

    Relive the second day of competition last Saturday in Mississauga! With more than 100 participating teams from across North America, Winterfest took place during 3 days. 



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