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Cup of Dresden 2020

Dresden (GERMANY)

FEB 22 - FEB 23, 2020


Results - TOP 3

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Berlin Novice (GER)62.30
2Skating Graces (GER)56.51
3Starlight (SUI)54.61

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Crystal Illusions (FIN)70.04
2Saxony Ice Pearls (GER)59.99
3Snowflakes (SUI)56.78

TEAM Score
1Harmonia (CZE)100.08
2Team Magic (HUN)95.59
3Kometa (CZE)90.19

TEAM Score
1Skating Graces (GER)133.63

Senior B
TEAM Score
1Cool Dreams Royal (SUI)79.32
2Starlight Jewels (SUI)62.06
3Team Saphire (SUI)56.33