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57 synchro teams should have travelled to the Czech Republic to compete this weekend


Team Gemini from Jihlava, CZE. (Credits: Jihlavský ježek - 2019)

Organized since 1994, the Jihlavský ježek international synchronized skating competition should have been held this weekend in the Czech Republic. Around sixty teams from 9 different countries were registered.

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The Jihlavský ježek international competition is a name to remember in the world of synchronized skating. The event has been taking place in the city of Jihlava, in the Czech Republic, for 26 years.

What does Jihlavský ježek mean?

"Ježek means "hedgehog", this animal is a symbol of our city. Its spikes are symbolized by the very developed textile industry in Jihlava, which means needles," explained Linda Haferníková of the Organizing Committee.

"We would have been in full capacity"
This year, 57 teams from 9 countries would have competed this weekend in the Czech Republic. Due to the spread of Covid-19, the competition has been cancelled.

Skaters from all novice categories as Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Basic Novice and Advanced Novice, but also Junior ISU and Senior ISU (the Czech Nationals would have been organized simultaneously), and Mixed Age, Adult and Masters teams. "We would have been in full capacity", noted Linda Haferníková.

"It's always a great organizing success for our club"

"We usually use both ice rinks for official practices. The main arena (for 6000 spectators) serves for the competition itself. The tradition of this event always attracts lots of people who support all the teams. People enjoy many refreshment stalls, sale of figure skating accessories and textiles, as well. So, we are very glad of crowded tribunes and so many teams from different countries on ice. We have been monitored by Czech Kids TV Channel (CT Decko). The whole competition is reflected by the regional press. It's always a great organizing success for our club management, former famous only for ice hockey, but today supporting synchronized skating very much!", added the Organizing Committee.

Synchro teams from Jihlava. (Jihlavský ježek - 2019)

The city of Jihlava
"Jihlava is a historical city, founded in the 13th century. History speaks about Czech and German communities, mining and processing silver and coins. The annual parade of miners reminds that period always in June.  You can find a lot of Gothic and Baroque sights, besides, a great tourist attraction is the visit of the underground passages (big labyrinths served as the food store and shelter during 30-year-war when the Swedes captured the town). Many tourists come also to visit the zoo located in a picturesque park, not far from the square, which is one of the largest in Europe. Of course, we have got enough shopping possibilities modernly gathered next to the medieval fortifications - a chance to go for a nice walk," continued Linda Haferníková.

Jihlava is the capital city of the region „Vysocina“ (Highlands), located on the highway between Prague and Brno. The population is about 55 000 inhabitants.

Last year's medals. (Credits: Jihlavský ježek - 2019)

How is synchronized skating developing in the Czech Republic?
"It depends on the club and the support of the cities. For example, our club in Jihlava currently has 5 teams. Synchro skaters attend sports schools together with ice hockey players. This makes their practice possible in the early afternoon hours. We can use the sports facilities of the school for ballet, fitness, athletics, gymnastics, and dancing. At this moment, we're trying to build a pyramid system," explained Linda Haferníková.

Synchronized skating developed in Jihlava when the head coach Vera Paulusova came back from her 3years stay in Finland, where she coached and saw some synchronized skating events in Helsinki. "After her return to Jihlava, she started to create the first team with 27 girls!"

The 2020 edition of Jihlavský Ježek had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19, the Organizing Committee is already thinking about the next competition. The date of December 5, 2020 has been mentioned but will have to be confirmed with the federation.

Anyway, book this date already!