Swiss Cup 2016

The city of Widnau lived his traditional Swiss Cup. On the shores of Lake Constance, 25 teams from Switzerland, Germany and Poland presented their programs. Take a look at this competition!

In the Junior’s division, only one team was engaged. Team United Blades from Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds did two good programs for a total score of 79,49 points. This team improves this score by 6 points compared with their performance at Neuchâtel Trophy in January.

United Blades Juniors during their free program. /Credits: Jura Synchro

By Seniors B, teams from Zürich dominated the rankings. Starlight Jewels won the competition with a total score of 62,17 points. At the 2nd place, Starlights Seniors (62,00 points), the 3rd are Cool Dreams Royal from Burgdorf are really not far with 61,07 points. Team Saphire from Basel took the 4th place with their free program on Backstreet Boys music and Team Unity from Urdorf finished 5th.

Snowflakes, winners in the Mixed Age's field, and the Angels, the Adults winners. /Credits: Jura Synchro

In the other fields, Snowflakes from Huttwil won the competition in Mixed Age (59,83 points). Team Le Soleil from Poland did the best by Novices B (32,40 points). Angels, also from Huttwil, realized the best score in the Adult’s category, they are followed by Red Sunshine from Muenchen, Germany.

 Starlight Jewels represented the city of Zürich. /Credits: Jura Synchro