What’s new for synchro in the ISU Congress in Seville?


The ISU Congress this year took place in the Spanish city of Seville.

The International Skating Union’s 57th Ordinary Congress concluded on Friday in Seville. As the International Secretary of the Belgian Federation, Ton Mulder was present this week in Spain. He explains us how was the Congress. 

According to the ISU, the Congress was officially opened by the ISU President Jan Dijkema and the delegates voted on over 400 proposals. For synchro, the following matters were passed by the Congress:

- Harmonization: harmonize the Special Regulations and Technical Rules with other Figure Skating Disciplines.
- Seminars for officials: clarification of the requirements for seminar attendance.
- Olympic Winter Games: a number of Proposals were approved in the case that Synchronized Skating is accepted as a new Olympic discipline.

In this picture: Ton Mulder with Vera Vandecaveye, Sports coordinator in Belgium and Rita Zonnekeyn, ISU TC Member during the Congress in Seville.

- Ton Mulder, what was the purpose of the ISU Congress in Seville?

Ton Mulder: As the ISU is an official international sports federation, they need to have elections every 4 years at their Congress. Not only the statutory subjects but also the regulations can be changed. We had to debate and vote over 400 proposals and ended on Friday with the elections of all functions for the next 4 years.

- Who can participate?

All members (countries) that are affiliated to the ISU can send 4 to 6 persons to the Congress. In the delegation there is often is the president and secretary of the member federation supplemented with the sports coordinator or other persons involved in the national federation.

- How has the week been organized?

ISU is organizing the Congress, together with the Federation of the country chosen to host the Congress. This was now the Spanish federation who did an amazing job in having all of us here. With the welcome on Monday until the votes and the closing dinner for all participants on Friday.

- What's new for synchronized skating?

Here you have the proposals and the results for synchronized skating: 289 NO / 290 NO / 309 WD / 314 WD / 317 WD / 321 WD / 323 WD / 327 WD / 329 WD / 333WD / 335 WD / 338 WD / 339 WD / 343 and 414 has been accepted. But the details and the communications will follow shortly.

The International Skating Union’s 57th Ordinary Congress concluded with the elections of the ISU Office Holders. For synchronized skating, the Chair is Mr. Philippe Maitrot (FRA). The members are Ms. Petra Tyrbo (SWE), Ms. Lois Long (USA) and Ms. Uliana Chirkova (RUS). Congratulations!