Will the International Mixed Age Trophy become a World Cup?

The 2018 medallists come from Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. / Credits: Serena Gianvecchio

A beautiful sun and warm weather, 15 teams on the ice and the crowd cheering for its country: this is the painting of an amazing day in Trento for the International Mixed Age Trophy. 

Mixed Age is one of the most numerous categories in the latest years as demonstrated in the Mozart Cup 2018 and Budapest Cup 2018 with more than 20 participating teams from all over the world.

The International Mixed Age Trophy, who was born four years ago, represents a sort of World Cup for Mixed Age category even if it’s not well-known and recognized yet: the 4 best teams of each country, who belong to this class, selected by their Federation, could participate.

This year 15 teams from 7 countries took part to this event: 4 teams coming from Italy, 2 teams from Germany, 4 teams from France, 2 teams from Switzerland, 1 team from the Netherlands, 1 team from Hungary, and 1 team from Lithuania. 1 team from Great Britain was supposed to compete but unfortunately, it was unable to participate. 

The conquering of the podium has been so thrilling: all teams were prepared to fight and to give their best. The podium has been taken from Ice on Fire (ITA), Snowflakes (SUI) and Munich Synergy (GER).

The 3rd Place has been earned by the German Team Munich Synergy, the winner of 2017 edition. The assignation of the 2nd and 1st place has been breathless because the Italian and German Team have performed two high-level programs and the two scores were so close. 

In the end, the victory went to the Italian Team that with an elegant performance. Despite two falls, the team confirmed the results of a powerful season.

As the season ends now for those teams, we hope that this competition will be better spread in the future and will become a World Cup of this category for real.

International Mixed Age Trophy 2018

1Ice On Fire (ITA)65.84
2Snowflakes (SUI)64.69
3Munich Synergy (GER)60.63
4Comètes (FRA)54.47
5Frost Fairies (ITA)50.90
6Les Salamandres (FRA)50.79
7Z’hysterik (FRA)49.87
8Shining Blades (ITA)49.67
9Les Etincelles (FRA)49.18
10United Blades (SUI)43.70
11Blue Unicorns (GER)43.15
12Team sp’Ice (LTU)41.19
13Ice Sparkles (ITA)37.96
14Team Illuminique (NED)36.01
15Team Budapest Synchro (HUN)34.38

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