Sunrise-2, Junost and Paradise are the 2018 Russian champions

The senior podium: Team Paradise in the center, Tatarstan 2nd, and Dream Team 3rd. / Credits: Dmitry Sokolnikov

The national championships of Russia held in Yoshkar-Ola this Friday and Saturday. 27 teams competed in 3 categories: senior, junior and advanced novice. Besides the very high level of the novices, this competition also selected the senior and junior teams who will skate at the next World Championships.

The competition on Friday has started with the advanced novice division. The 12 best teams from across all Russia competed in this field. Every team showed a high level of skating skills and difficulties in the technical aspects. Only a few teams had fallen during their skating. 

As one year ago, team Sunrise-2 took the gold. This team shows a very strong, powerful and clean skating. In this competition, they won with extremely high points for an advanced novice team – 70.59! The silver medal has been taken by another very strong team - Junost which received 65.03 points. Team Kazanochka took the bronze with 63.84 points.

After the advanced novice competition, the junior teams have started their fight. In the short programs, the best was Crystal Ice with 71.12 points. Team Junost placed in the second position with a very small difference – 0.16 points. In 3rd place was Sunrise-1 with 66.38 and in 4th Idel with 62.08. It should be noted that first 3 teams reached the highest level of difficulties in all the elements.

At the end of the first day, everybody was watching the most interesting part of the competition: the senior teams. On Friday, Paradise showed gorgeous skating and won the short program with outstanding points - 77.01! Tatarstan also did a good skating and received 69.88 points. At the third position, Dream Team with 58.16 points.

The second day of competition has started in the early morning with the practices. At 11 o’clock local time, junior teams were ready for the free programs. The pressure in the last warm-up group was extremely high. All teams from this group received the highest technical base. It means that only the cleanest skating could bring the gold. 

And Junost did it. Its free program was the best, brought the team 112.82 points and a first place. Sunrise-1 also had very clean skating without mistakes and received 105.24 points. 

Idel and Crystal Ice received 1 point of deduction. In the free program, Idel was 3rd with 103.02 points and Crystal Ice was 4th with 101.84. 

As a result, Team Junost won the competition with 183.78 points and returned their champion title. Crystal Ice won the silver medal with 172.96 points and qualified with Junost for the next World Junior Championship. Sunrise-1 took the bronze medal with 171.62 points. Idel finished in the 4th place with 165.10 points.

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In the senior division, all the teams saved their position after the short programs. 

Paradise won their 20th champion title in a row with 205.43 points. Tatarstan took the 2nd place with 193.54 points and qualified with Team Paradise for the 2018 World Championships. Dream Team took the bronze medal with 167.39 points.

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