Australia has got new national champions

Team Unity won the senior competition. The team will represent Australia at the next World Championships in Stockholm. / Credits: Team Unity

The Australian National Championships took place last weekend in Iceworld Boondall, a northern suburb of Brisbane, Queensland. Around 40 synchro teams competed and try to bring home a medal. That's a record.

A record of teams skated this weekend at Boondall Iceworld in Brisbane, Queensland. 42 teams across 7 divisions.

In the youngest divisions, Majestic Ice won the gold medal in Advanced Novice and Bees has been crowned in the Basic Novice. In the Adult categories, Revolution and Evolution did the best scores this year.

A team from New Zealand on the podium

The Mixed Age category was one of the most interesting division because 11 teams competed. The victory went to Adelaide Ice Magic who won the competition (36.09 points) with a narrow margin (less than 0.5 points). Majestic Ice received the silver title earning 35.54 points. At the 3rd place, Kia Kaha representing New Zealand.

Majestic Ice also won the Junior competition delivering the best programs of the days in this category (total score: 86.90 points). Iceskateers Elite placed 2nd and Infusion Junior 3rd.

The largest Synchronised Skating component of the Australian Figure Skating Championships concluded with Senior Division. Team Unity from New South Wales won the competition with 109.12 points, Ice Storm placed second six points behind, and Nova third. Team Infusion also skated in this category and finished at the 4th position. Last year, this team won the senior national championship and represented Australia in Colorado Springs.

The top three teams have been awarded international assignments with Team Unity attending World Championships as Team Australia next April in Stockholm.

Australian Championships - SENIOR

1Team Unity (AUS)36.1273109.12
2Ice Storm (AUS)34.0669.54103.60
3Nova (AUS)32.5066.1498.64
4Infusion (AUS)31.3858.4889.86

Australian Championships - JUNIOR

1Majestic Ice Junior (AUS)31.4055.586.90
2Iceskateers Elite (AUS)31.0253.184.12
3Infusion Junior (AUS)28.2645.773.96
4Aurora (AUS)24.4446.2670.70
5Southern Sky Junior (AUS)22.9836.1859.16

Australian Championships -

1 Majestic Ice Junior (AUS) 39.64
2 Iceskateers Elite (AUS) 37.78

Australian Championships - MIXED AGE

1Adelaide Ice (AUS)36.09
2Majestic Ice (AUS)35.54
3Kia Kaha (NZL)32.92
4Ice Vivacity (AUS)32.16
5Eclipse (AUS)31.30
6Southern Sky Team 1 (AUS)31.12
7Ice Reflections (AUS)30.10
8Revolution (AUS)27.44
9Jitterbugs (AUS)26.69
10Southern Sky Team 2 (AUS)24.32
11Aura (AUS)16.30

Australian Championships - BASIC NOVICE

1Bees (AUS)33.25
2Adelaide Ice Magic (AUS)32.64
3Majestic Ice (AUS)32.40
4Southern Sky Team 1 (AUS)29.33
5Phoenix (AUS)24.24
6Ice Pizzazz (AUS)22.24
7Southern Sky Team 2 (AUS)20.67

Australian Championships - ADULT

1Revolution (AUS)33.71
2Solstice (AUS)28.99
3On Edge (AUS)24.02

Australian Championships - ADULT BASIC

1Evolution (AUS)29.46
2Dominoes (AUS)29.18
3Mixed Company (AUS)27.86
4Revolution (AUS)26.12
5Cohesion (AUS)21.31

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