Russia: Novice teams competed in Moscow

Team Sunrise-2 did the best scores ever. / Credits: Roy Ng

The 2017 Novice Cup took place in Moscow last weekend. This competition is the biggest in Russia for Advanced and Basic Novice teams. This year, 27 teams from different parts of Russia competed.

Team Sunrise-2 from Saint-Petersburg won the competition in the Advance Novice category with the best scores ever. They received 67.13 points! The second place took team Meteorite from Chelyabinsk with 51.27 points. Team Nika from Novouralsk placed 3rd place with 48.65 points.

In the Basic Novice division, 19 teams were registered. The organizing committee decided to divide the teams into two parts: the older and the younger subgroups.

In the older subgroup, Golden Prize from Saint-Petersburg won the gold. They received 45.97 points. Team Ice Fantasy from Moscow earned the silver medal and they had just two points less than Golden Prize. Team Free Line received the bronze medal with a total of 38.30 points.

Golden Prize (RUS) /Credits : Golden Prize

In the younger Basic Novice subgroup, Junost-Basic Novice did the best. They earned 46.76 points for their free program. Team Fleuritis from Gubkin won the silver medal with a score of 43.04 points. Team Oren Jems from Orenburg placed 3rd.

The competition season in Russia will be finished at the end of April in Moscow. The last competition for the teams will be the final of the Russian Cup.

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