Hey Junior teams, let’s go for Worlds!

Everything is ready in Mississauga. /Credits: Elodie Acheron 

The ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships starts today in Mississauga (CAN). A total of 19 teams representing 14 ISU members have been entered for the Championships. Discover the start list! 

1. Team Australia - Majestic Ice
Coaches: Amanda Da-Pra & Madonna Randall
2016: -

2. Team France - Jeanne D’Arc
Coaches: Sandrine Devaux & Anne-Sophie Druet Avisse
2016: -

3. Team Great Britain - Icicles
Coaches: Esther Bell & Lauren Fletcher
2016: 15th place

4. Team Spain - Mirum
Coaches: Amanda Hartman
2016: 18th place

5. Team Switzerland - Cool Dreams
Coaches: Eveliina Lundmann
2016: 14th place

6. Team Turkey - Golden Roses
Coaches: Ozge Ozkaya & Ece Ongul
2016: -

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7. Team Italy - Hot Shivers
Coaches: Andrea Gilardi
2016: 13th place

8. Team Sweden 1 - Team Spirit
Coaches: Malin Heidenfors & Cathrin Wiberg
2016: 9th place

9. Team Germany - Team Berlin Juniors
Coaches: Gert Hofmann & Bianca Janke
2016: 10th place

10. Team United States of America 1 - Skyliners
Coaches: Joshua Babb & Pamela May
2016: 4th place

11. Team Canada 2 - Les Suprêmes
Coaches: Marilyn Langlois & Pascal Denis
2016: 1st place

12. Team Finland 1 - Fintastic
Coaches: Kaisa Arrateig
2016: 2nd place

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13. Team Czech Republic - Team Darlings
Coaches: Miroslava Hajkova
2016: 12th place

14. Team United States of America 2 - Lexettes
Coaches: Saga Krantz & Maikki Merilehto
2016: 7th

15. Team Finland 2 - Musketeers
Coaches: Anu Oksanen & Jari Oksanen
2016: 5th place

16. Team Russia 1 - Crystal Ice
Coaches: Olga Badyaeva & Sergey Komolov
2016: 6th place

17. Team Sweden 2 - Team Convivium
Coaches: Diana Tolsa & Helene Wieland
2016: 11th place

18. Team Russia 2 - Junost
Coaches: Elena Moshnova & Natalia Sannikova
2016: 3rd place

19. Team Canada 1 - Nexxice
Coaches: Trish Perdue-Mills
2016: 8th

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Missing this year: Diamond Laces from Hungary (16th in 2016), Zagreb Snowflakes representing Croatia (17th in 2016) and Illuminettes from the Netherlands (19th in 2016). 

Three new teams competed this season: Majestic Ice (AUS), Jeanne D’Arc (FRA) and Golden Roses (TUR). 

This is the third edition of the ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships that was a biennial event, but will become annual beginning in 2017. The previous two editions took place in Helsinki (FIN) in 2013 and in Zagreb (CRO) in 2015. In 2016, the Junior World Challenge Cup took place in Zagreb also. 

Friday, March 10

Opening Ceremony 17:30 – 18:00 (local time)
Short Program 18:15 – 21:09 (local time)

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