Let’s go for Quebec provincials this coming weekend

Les Suprêmes Junior will show their programs to the public. /Credits : Sean McKinnon 

The city of Sherbrooke prepares to host the Quebec synchronized skating regional championships. Here is an overview of this competition. 

The Sherbrooke skating club will organize in a few days the most anticipated event of the season in the Quebec area, Canada: the regional championships. This event will take place in the arena of the Cassiopée’s synchro teams.

This competition takes place right after the Quebec Skating B Championships. This competition is a great occasion for the Quebec section to present some talented skaters, to form officials and volunteers, to recognized the sponsors, to offer to the public an ice show and also to bring together all the skating disciplines as artistic, ice dance or even synchro skating. During four consecutive days, Quebec people will be able to discover hundreds of skaters who will perform on two ice rinks. 

REGIONALS WEEK 🎉👯 #sherbrooke2017

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For synchro skating, this competition will be the last chance to compete against the other Quebec teams.

The first Novice, Intermediate, Open, Junior and Senior teams will qualify for the national championships. The Canadian nationals will take place at the end of February in Calgary.

Discover here the competition's schedules 

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