"We want to continue our gold way"


Team Paradise is going back this season with new programs and skaters. The Senior 2016 World Champions draw the outlines of their season 2016-2017. Interview with this team from St-Petersburg, Russia.

Jura Synchro: How are you preparing the new season ? 

Team Paradise: Our methods are to believe strongly in ourselves and to realize big dreams. We’ve had some skater’s changes in our team and now we’re working hard to build up the team and take it to a higher level than before. We’ve a lot of different trainings on the ice and off-ice this year and we hope that these workouts will help us to become stronger. We don’t want to stop. 


JS: What about this summer ? 

TP: We did a training camp in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia. This is indeed in this city that the Nationals took place seven years ago. Our camp has lasted three weeks as always and we built up our new programs.

"We don’t want to stop"

—  The Team Paradise

JS: Do you already know in which international competitions are you going to take part this season ?

TP: That’s still hard to say because we don’t know exactly. But we’re certainly planning to visit Finland, France, Shanghai and Colorado Springs. 

JS: As Senior World Champions 2016, which are your goals for this new season ?

TP: You won’t be surprised… We want of course to continue our « gold way ». Last year, we won 7 to 8 competitions, so this season our goal is to win all of them. 

JS: Could you say something about your new programs ? 

TP: Both programs are already finished, but the themes and musics are still a secret. We can say that we’ve new skaters and also new things to show you… You’ll discover them in our new programs ;) !