Finnish teams are preparing for international competitions

The Junior Reflections, a team from Espoo. /Credits : Kirsi Laine Photography

After regional competitions all over the country and the holidays break, a majority of teams in Finland will be seen in plenty of international competitions in Europe. Are you planning to attend an important event this year? Discover which Finnish teams you’ll discover on the ice.

At the beginning of the year 2017, the Finnish teams are heading their way in different international competitions. Have a look!

Cup of Berlin, Berlin, GER 6.-7.1.2017

Senior: Marigold IceUnity
Junior: Dream Edges, Valley Bay Synchro, Ice Infinity
Novice: Finettes (HTK), Ice Fantacy (TTK)

Mozart Cup, Salzburg, AUT 19.-22.1.2017

Senior: Marigold IceUnity, Revolutions
Junior: Musketeers, Reflections, Stella Polaris
Novice: Valley Bay Synchronics, CrystalBlades, Diamond Edges, Blue Arrows

it's competition week! ❤️

Une photo publiée par Blue Arrows ↠ (@bluearrowsfin) le

Leon Lurje Trophy, Göteborg, SWE 27.-29.1.2017

Senior: Rockettes
Junior: Sun City Swing, Ice Steps
Novice: Starlights, Dream Steps

French Cup, Rouen, FRA 1.-4.2.2017

Senior: Team Unique, Revolutions
Junior: Team Mystique, Team Fintastic, FireBlades
Novice: Team Dynamique , Aurora Borealis 

Snowflake Trophy, Zagreb, CRO 17.-19.2.2017

Novice: Team Soleil

After this competition’s period, Finnish teams will skate at the 2017 Finnish National Championships. This very expected event will take place from 24 to 26th February in Espoo.

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