About Jura Synchro

Jura Synchro is a specialised online media company. Launched at the beginning of 2016, it is devoted to synchronised skating news worldwide through the publication of journalistic articles, photos, and video reports. It is the first worldwide media dedicated exclusively to this team sport practiced on ice.

Who are we?

Amélie Rossé
28 years old
Masters in Journalism and Communication

“With Jura Synchro, we are offering a new form of journalism, digitally focused and community-based, with a strong emphasis and presence on social media.”

Holder of a Masters in Journalism and Communication from the University of Neuchatel and the University of Geneva in Switzerland, Amélie Rossé first worked as a radio journalist. She then completed several internships in written press and television in order to expand her experience in multimedia and video. Deeply interested in social media, Amélie currently works as a journalist for different media outlets and as a production assistant for a production company specialising in sports. She has also skated for the Swiss team in synchronised skating.

Remo De Tomi
30 years old
Computer Engineer and developper

“Nothing existed before that connected the athletes to each other. With a specialised site coded entirely by us, Jura Synchro creates this link, an emulsion between skaters.”

After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Remo De Tomi turned quickly toward the world of media. Webmaster, cameraman, video editor, designer... Remo possesses many strings to his bow and unlimited creativity. A tireless worker, he climbed his way up in the media world before dedicating himself to video production. In addition, this technology specialist develops software, applications and next generation websites.

The Jura Synchro family